Lab members

Giulia Quattrocolo

Group leader

I started to be interested in Neuroscience during my BS in Biology at the University of Pavia, in Italy, after a class on the neurophysiology of the Pacini’s corpuscle. Fascinated by the topic, I decided to continue my study with a Master in Neurobiology, when I focused my research on the developmental expression of sodium currents in the stellate cells of the entorhinal cortex.

I then moved to Chicago to pursue a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Northwestern University. During these years, training in the lab of Dr. Gianmaria Maccaferri, I really became fascinated with Cajal-Retzius cells and their role in the development of neuronal circuits. After graduating, I moved to NYC, to work in the lab of Dr. Gord Fishell, at NYU, where I deepened my knowledge in developmental neuroscience, focusing on genetic and environmental factors determining the maturation of interneurons. In 2017 I moved back to Europe, in Norway, to work with Dr. Edvard Moser, at the NTNU, in Trondheim. Here I learned how to do in vivo recordings from freely moving mice to study the role of Cajal-Retzius cells in spatial navigation. Since 2021 I am group leader of the Circuit Development lab at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience.

In my free time I like to travel the world with my husband and our son, and read about history, especially about the Middle Ages.

Keagan Dunville

Postdoctoral fellow

I am a molecular neurobiologist interested in developmental mechanisms responsible for guiding  neural progenitor fate. I did my BSc. in Chemistry/Biochemistry from Purdue  University where I studied ex vivo human lipid metabolism. From Indiana I moved to Ireland to do my MSc. in Neuroscience at Trinity College Dublin and performed my thesis work on Krabbe’s Disease in vitro. I then moved to Italy to do my PhD in Neurobiology at the Scuola Normale Superiore to study regional fating mechanisms in mammalian stem cell models.

I am currently a Postdoctoral fellow in the Quattrocolo Group.

Outside of work I like to travel with my wife, Shelley, and really enjoy cooking and trying new recipes.


Postdoctoral fellow

I was born and educated in Inner Mongolia, China. After I completed my undergraduate study (2010-2014), I moved to Tokyo, Japan and learned Japanese. In 2016 with completion of Japanese course, I joined the Matsuda Lab at Toyama University to do my MSc, where I learned about behavioural analysis and intracerebroventricular injection technic in Goldfish. In 2018, I joined the Nishijo lab at Toyama University to do my PhD. In my PhD study, I used electrophysiology to record the neuronal activity from the frontal cortex while the mice performed a behavioural task. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Quattrocolo Group.

Besides neuroscience, I like studying different languages, watching movies and reading science fiction.

Ingvild Lynneberg Glærum

Ph.D. student

I have a background in psychology with a bachelor’s degree from NTNU. I completed Master of Science in Neuroscience with the Quattrocolo and I am now a Ph.D. student in the group.

Besides understanding the human mind I aspire to be a powerlifter and I am a certified personal trainer

Kristian Moan

Ph.D. student

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from NTNU where I studied psychological perspectives on learning and skill development. I moved on to do my MSc. in neuroscience with the Witter group at the Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience, NTNU. During my master’s I worked on 3D-reconstruction and structural analysis of layer II neurons in the entorhinal cortex, focusing on synaptic density and distribution over dendritic segments. I am currently a Ph.D student in the Quattrocolo group

In my free time I am a big movie and video game nerd, but I also love graphic design, drawing, and painting

Marie Eggset

Master student

I have a bachelor’s degree in Movement Science from NTNU with courses in biology and psychology. At the moment, I’m doing my master’s degree in Neuroscience

In my free time I like to draw and run

Sonja Maria Mellberg

Master student

I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology from NTNU. Currently, I am pursuing my masters degree in neurosciences. I am working with a masters project in the Quattrocolo lab where I study the entorhinal cortex. 

In my free time I like to run, go hiking and skiing.

Kamilla Aase Kronberg

Master student

I have a BSc in the Cognitive Sciences from the University of Bergen, where I specialized in Information Science. I was introduced to neuroscience from courses in psychology and neuroaesthetics and wanted to pursue the MSc in Neuroscience at NTNU. I’m doing my master’s project on growth cones with the Quattrocolo Group.

In my free time I like to read, play padel and last but not least, I enjoy traveling whenever I have the time.

Caroline Eriksen Thommesen

Master student

I recently completed my bachelor´s degree in Psychology here at NTNU, and I am currently pursuing my Master´s degree in Neuroscience, as part of the Quattrocolo Group. My master thesis project is focused on the role of Cajal Retzius cells in circuit formation. 

Besides my passion for neuroscience and acquiring new knowledge, I like cooking, running and exercise, travelling, as well as my part-time work as a content creator alongside my studies.

Julie Grini Holte

Master student

I have a BSc in Psychology from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. I was first introduced to neuroscience during my specialization in psychology. Especially the courses in biological psychology encouraged me to pursue the MSc in Neuroscience at NTNU, and to explore this field further. I’m doing my master’s thesis on the connections from stellate cells to the dentate gyrus and the CA3 of the hippocampus with the Quattrocolo Group. 

During my free time I enjoy being physically active, and usually spend my time doing different sports or outdoor activities.

Maike Krause

Staff Engineer

I am biochemist trained in molecular biology and protein biochemistry. After my studies, I received a doctorate in Biotechnology from the Technical University in Munich. Before joining the Kavli Institute, I worked as a Post-doc in the Department of Cellular Physiology at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University and Food Microbiology at the University of Hohenheim.

I am currently a Staff Engineer in the Quattrocolo group.

In my free time I love cooking, riding my bikes, reading, and designing my own cloths.

Paulo Jorge Bettencourt Girão

Senior Engineer

Born and raised on the westernmost shores of the European continent, I started my academic career with a Bsc in Biochemistry by the University of Coimbra (Portugal) in 2001. One year as an exchange student in Danmarks Farmaceutiske Høgskole (Copenhagen, Denmark), doing a thesis in glutamate neurotoxicity, only amplified my xenophilia and my curiosity for the inner workings of the mammalian brain. Between 2002 and 2006 I did my (first and only so far) attempt to a PhD in Neuroscience at the Moser lab in NTNU (Trondheim, Norway). A couple of years as a university lecturer (Psychology Institute, NTNU, 2007-2008), and a year as an interpreter (Portuguese-Norwegian), tourist guide and kindergarten assistant, spices up my CV.
I have been working as a staff engineer in the institute since 2010, and my current scientific interests focus mostly on microscopy, automating image processing and designing data analysis tools.

My seemingly undiagnosed hyperactivity disorder forces me to share the already mentioned interests with reading (mostly history, philosophy and science), language learning, travelling, astronomy, running, hiking, biking, skiing, cinema and chess. Once and while, I even sleep!

Bianca Ana Zaharia

Lab Manager

I have a background in molecular biology and biotechnology. I have a master degree in Neurobiology from Pavia University and I previously worked at the Kavli Institute for System Neuroscience focusing on the investigation of neuronal circuitry by applying advanced molecular techniques. 

I am currently a Lab Manager in the Quattrocolo group.

Beside my love for Neuroscience, I like spending my free time writing music and poems.